Who Are We?
Tru began gardening at the tender age of six whe she sprouted her first green bean in a cut down milk carton on the school room windowsill.  That first foray into nuturing green life was followed by many years of happily mucking about in the dirt.  There is something infinitely satisfying in knowing you can grown your own food.

Her horticultural interests are not limited to crop plants, she also loves the old time flowers -- especially daylilies.  She can't help herself when it comes to daylilies.  We have so many - from species hemoracalis fulva and the double 'Kwanso' to spiders, miniatures and the diamond dusted & ruffled tetraploids.  Occasionally we have fans available.  If you see something you like, please ask.  It may be available.

When Tru isn't working out in the gardens, or monitoring the honeybees, she is busy studying the exact art and subtle science of chicken genetics to preserve heritage chickens.

And last, but certainly not least, she is on track to earn a Certificate in Culinary Arts from the University of Richmond, School of Professional and Continuing Education in 2014, and a Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate after that.

John is the guy who keeps it all on track .  He's the mechanical wizard who keeps the machines running, and utilizes his carpentry skills to fix fences, construct hardscape support structures and keep the roofs over the chickens' little feathered fannies    When he  has the time, he also makes custom chicken cages, which we post for sale on our blog.

When he's not busy in the garage he can be found in the kitchen whipping up something to tantalize the tastebuds.    We call him THE Grill Master and creative genius behind our BBQ Rubs & Blends.